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Fidelis Advocates offers a wide range of legal services covering different law domains dominated by administrative and public law, company law, commercial law, intellectual property law, mergers and acquisitions, tax law, banking law, labor law, criminal law. In all domains the following may attract your attention.

Our Services

Legal Opinions & Advise
Anything Related to Legal

The Client may seek the Law Firm’s Legal Opinion before taking any decision or on existing matters. From there, the Law Firm’s team shall provide a legally motivated opinion basing on laws in force considering possible updates.

Legal Drafting
use of legal documents

We provide to client’s templates for daily use of legal documents including employment and other contracts with their clients, internal tools, MoU with stakeholders, articles of the company, and different communications tools.

Disputes management
prevent disputes with any person

We intervene in taking care to prevent disputes with any person through the daily legal advice but where the dispute arises the Law Firm shall advice the client on the best way to take advantage in that case and our client’s interests are protected at high level.

Deals negotiation
no legal mistakes in our client's deal

Many Clients commit a number of mistakes while negotiating their contracts but the presence of our member in the negotiating team shall help avoiding legal mistakes in deals of our client.. We accompany our clients in negotiation of legal transactions.

Legal representation & assistance
Anything Related to Legal

We represent and assist our clients before administrative, judicial and any other institution and always work for the best of our clients. No Client has ever regretted our presence for their interest and their recommendation.

Legal Due Diligence
conducts the legal due diligence

The fidelis Advocate’s team conducts the legal due diligence in any legal domain on behalf of the client and helps to take an informed decision basing on reliable legal information resulting from the research conducted by our staff.

we have successfully conducted many consultancies

Fidelis Advocates conducted many consultancies and deliverables were highly appreciated by clients and that is a result of a dedicated effort of our experienced lawyers and the external supporting staff recruited on merit basis.

Company Incorporation & Business
special department dealing with incorporation

We advise on the regulation of relationship of shareholders, BoDs, company employees, their registration in different state organs as well as the registration of any other kind of business.

capital market
any thing related to capital markets

Fidelis Advocates has reliable advocates in Drafting and reviewing capital markets documentation including bond issuances, structured finance agreements, securitizations, credit facility agreements, underwriting agreements and related additional documentation.

Arbitration and Mediation
Arbitration and Mediation

Fidelis Advocates has experience in arbitration and mediation which empowers us to effectively represent our clients where the out of court settlement of disputes is preferred. Some of our partners can be appointed as arbitrators as they are certified arbitrators.

Employment law
Anything related to Employment law

We provides advices and mechanisms related to dispute prevention and resolution, technical advice and assistance in the establishment and strengthening of legal frameworks, for the prevention and settlement of labour disputes to employers and employees.

Intellectual property law
Intellectual Property

We provides the full range of Intellectual Property by advising its clients on IP ownership transactions, and act in relation to Intellectual Property management including acquisition of right and disposal, licensing and drafting documents.

Commercial law
Recognized as one of the commercial law best performer in Rwanda

We provide services to both local and international investors in the elaboration of different contracts including the leasing and purchase of both commercial and residential houses and provide related legal advice to investors

banking law
experienced in banking and financial law in general

Being experienced in banking and financial law in general, shall set up modalities of pre-trial recovery of debts by use of different legal notices and actions aimed at convincing the client to paying voluntarily and courts will be the last resort where the client resists.

Private wealth law
provides comprehensive experience in different matters

we advises and represents its different clients in knowledgeable, long-term planning for their families, their businesses and their kindnesses FIDELIS advocate’s Private Wealth practice provides comprehensive experience in different matters

Tax matters
handle all taxation law related matters

We handle all taxation law related matters for any businesses and corporations including providing the legal advice on the tax regime. We follow up all tax laws compliance for the company and assist them before tax authorities for different tax procedures

Land Law

The firm carries out business touching land transactions including negotiating for clients and drafting agreements, subdivisions and consolidations, transfers, opening boundaries, condominiums registration and cancellation of all types of bonds including mortgages among others. We order title searches, we draft leases and lease assignments, amendments and exclusions; we review plans and surveys; we prepare mortgage releases; we prepare title abstracts; and also prepare, distribute and administer landlord consents

Mining Law

We have highly distinguished lawyers with extensive expertise in the regulatory aspects of energy, mining, environment and natural resources matters. Our attorneys and consultants are highly sought after to advise high-profile domestic and international clients on natural resources investments and matters including handling the relevant contractual, contentious and compliance issues